D HOSTEL is located in a four-floor, brick-wall refurbished building, providing pleasant and comfortable accommodation in the standards of a hostel / guesthouse equipped with social facilities and a kitchen (or kitchenette) on each floor of the guesthouse. We keep the guesthouse clean and always make sure that all standards are met.

The guesthouse is located in the green part of Prague 9 Běchovice in the area of the Běhovice Research Center; we offer tradition and experience with providing high-quality and cheap accommodation for individuals, couples, women, men, companies, sport tours, tourism, student and other groups for a short-term as well as long-term stay. Of course, we will be happy to cooperate with state institutions, various tourism and human resources agencies.

Thanks to the size of the facility, we are able to offer our clients different categories of rooms, based on their requirements on price and equipment.


We offer single to triple beds with standard equipment, each bed includes accessories such as a chair, table, closet. If required by the customer, we can supply for example a fridge (for a deposit), and we also offer FREE WiFi, high-speed internet for a fee. See the price list.


Guesthouse equipment


We offer single to triple rooms for individuals, women, couples, companies, tourists, workers, employees, students, that are always equipped with lights, blinds and basic furniture for each bed, including closet, table, chair, possibly a nightstand and a lamp, all from IKEA. Of course, you can use two power sockets on each room. The floor is covered by PVC, possibly carpet. For a deposit, the room can be provided with a fridge. The entrance door is fire-resistant with a resistance for 30 minutes and equipment with self-closing device for safety and protection of the escape route. An autonomous fire alarm in installed in every room (if you hear soft beeping, please report this fact to the reception, it is only a notification that the power source is running low). The offer also includes shared room for co-habiting, as well as accommodation for women.

  • Rooms for individuals
  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Triple rooms
  • Accommodation for groups
  • Shared rooms
  • Separate rooms

Toilets and bathrooms

A toilet+bathroom is available on each floor of the building, right next to the staircase. The facilities are identical on each floor.
Toilets – there are 4 toilets on each floor, including a jumbo toilet paper receptacle and 4 pissoirs for men.
Washing room –at least 8 separate wash basins on each floor; these are equipped with a soap dispenser and are located right next to the showers.
Showers –4 separate shower boxes on each floor, guaranteed to provide sufficient amounts of warm water from the building’s central heating system.
The toilet and bathroom areas are cleaned every day. We make sure that hygienic norms and room capacities are duly followed.
Guests can freely use the toilets and bathrooms located on any floor of the building.
Naturally, adherence to the hygienic principles for guests specified in the house rules and basic social principles are a matter of fact.

Shared kitchens

Kitchens are located on each floor of the building, always at the beginning of the corridor on the right from the staircase. On each floor, kitchens are equipped with sinks for cleaning dishes and preparation of food, washing solutions, hotplates for cooking/preparing food, microwaves for reheating, electric kettles.
Here, too, we strive to ensure that hygienic principles are adhered to and ask our guests to keep kitchens clean and tidy so that other guests can use them as well.
Once again, guests may use a kitchen on any of the floors.

Shared areas

The entrance and corridors of our building are cleaned and disinfected every day, and we strive to provide a clean and cozy place to stay for acceptable prices. The entrance, reception as well as all main corridors are continuously monitored; this is primarily to ensure the safety and security of our guests. Our goal is to allow calm and pleasant cohabitation of individuals guests and to keep our facilities clean.


The lift is located right next to the staircase and allows users to easily access the higher floors. The lift is modern and complies with all currently valid regulations. (We strive to limit our environmental impact and so we ask our guests to make use of the staircase if they only need to ascend or descend one floor – it’s just 28 stairs and walking will often mean that the lift doesn’t need to come from more distant floors and be unavailable for other guests.)


The reception is located near the main entrance into the guesthouse, located on the south side from the main access road. The reception is open during working hours and its main purpose is to ensure communication with our guests – at the reception you can take care of your reservations, payments, extensions of your stay, as well as obtain important information about our offered accommodation. You can also report on deficiencies or defects you discovered. Our properly trained and experienced staff will be at your service.


The guesthouse has been approved in view of the latest regulations and meets all the requirements arising from European norms; in terms of hygiene, all areas have a size that exceeds the lower bounds required by the norms and are kept hygienically clean, of course while taking into account the current situation and method of use, but always with only a minimum delay until correction where required.



We pay close attention to adhering to hygienic principles, and that is why we regularly clean and disinfect the guesthouse; our properly trained staff in charge of cleaning the shared areas of the guesthouse is ready to respond to your remarks or notices regarding any hygienic problems. The corridors and other shared areas are regularly cleaned, disinfected and checked every day. The kitchen is also cleaned on a daily basis, but we still ask our guests to help make sure that the kitchens stay tidy and clean so that they may be used also by other guests! Toilets and bathrooms are cleaned and regularly checked every day – and in addition, we are of course ready to respond to any notices and remarks in case of sudden damage or staining.


Common rooms

The common rooms are equipped with tables and seating for ten persons. The use of common rooms by persons under the influence of alcohol or those who are not guests of our facilities (unless their presence has been reported in advance) is strictly forbidden.

Vending machines

Vending machines are located on the ground floor next to the entrance and can provide basic refreshments in the form of snacks, baguettes, warm and cold drinks. These are regularly refilled and the range of offered products rotates based on the needs of our customers.


We offer free parking to our guests, right under the guesthouse windows; the parking spaces are well lit and partially monitored by cameras.


Our trained staff is always ready to meet your needs and give advice in case of questions related to our offered services, safety, equipment, cleaning – and you might even learn some hidden tidbits!



We offer the possibility of borrowing a fridge for a safety deposit of CZK 1500 and an extra CZK 10/day fee; if you have your own fridge, the CZK 10/day fee also applies. Alternatively, you can ask about the current price list at the reception. If you have your own TV or desktop PC, you need to also notify us of this and pay an additional fee of CZK 5/day.


Deposit for keys

This deposit is refundable; it is paid on the first day of your stay and returned at the end of your stay. Please always let us know at least a day in advance if you’re planning to leave (check out).
The deposit is used to cover the costs associated with a loss of the keys or with minor damage to the furnishing in the rooms. The deposit is set to CZK 200/room and covers one room key + a chip for the entrance door; an additional advance payment of CZK 200 is required for each additional key. You will get a document confirming that you pay the advance payment – please keep it, since it is used to collect your deposit upon checkout. Lost keys = CZK 500 + a new payment of the deposit fee.

Interesting or useful places in the vicinity of the guesthouse

  • Xaverovský háj
  • Počernický Rybník
  • Park Dolní Počernice
  • Přírodní park Klánovice  a Klánovický les
  • Restaurace U Dášů
  • Hostinec Stará Pošta
  • PennyMarket
  • Lidl
  • Albert
  • Pizeria Turbanti
  • IKEA
  • Hornbach
  • Makro
  • Mc Donald's
  • KFC
  • Metro B Černý Most


Běchovice have a local post office, a local library (in Prague – Běchovice), a social services center, sports facilities of TJ Sokol Prague 9 – Běchovice, the rail stations “Prague-Běchovice – Střed” and “Prague-Běchovice”, as well as public transit connections via bus lines 109, 163, 209, 221, 222, 250, 903, which go to Metro B stations Černý Most, Palmovka, to Metro A stations Depo Hostivař, and to Metro C station Letňany.




Where to find us

MD service s.r.o.
Podnikatelská 558
190 11 Praha 9 - Běchovice
IČO: 282 58 533
Zapsáno: 3.března 2008 Městským soudem v Praze oddíl C, vložka 135898
Bankovní spojení: 219791185/0300 (ČSOB)

How to contact us

Write us an email
or give us a call.
+420 608 770 660